We're thrilled to recognize all of our community's 2020 graduates! This year, Callie is graduating from 8th grade at Sussex Academy Middle School. We interviewed her to learn about how her education is impacting her personal and academic life. Check out our full Q & A below!

 What are you most looking forward to about school next year, and why?

I am looking forward to meeting new people in High School and having more advanced classes because I enjoy the challenge of learning.

Which of your teachers has had the biggest impact on your education, and why?

Ms. Karen Hugues. She showed our class that maintaining mental health was more important than schoolwork alone. She helped our class learn how to engage mindfulness to deal with the stress of quarantine and middle school. Ms. Hugues also allowed us to choose our topics for written assignments which made me much more passionate about writing. Thank you, Ms. Hugues.

What are you most excited to do over the summer?

To be able to go spend time with friends again once quarantine is over. I am also excited to spend time at the beach, the pool, and travel to the Outer Banks for vacation.

Congratulations, Callie! We hope you have a phenomenal summer and a wonderful first year of high school!