We're thrilled to recognize all of our community's 2020 graduates! This year, Atia is graduating from 5th grade at Richard A. Shields Elementary School. We interviewed her to learn about how her education is impacting her personal and academic life. Check out our full Q & A below!

What aspect of 6th grade are you most looking forward to, and why?

I’m the most excited to participate in team sports with my friends. I am also really excited that friends from Rehoboth will be there too and we can all be together. I am also looking forward to making new friends. 

Which of your teachers has had the biggest impact on your education, and why?

Well, I’ve been really lucky and always liked my teachers. If I had to pick I would say Mrs. Libby, Ms. Townsend, Ms. Davis, and Coach B. all had the biggest impact. Coach B. always supported me and kept athletics fun with his crazy sense of humor. Ms. Townsend and Ms. Davis worked hard and had to deal with so much change during this year. They kept us involved and were able to keep math and reading fun. I would say Mrs. Libby made the biggest impact and will always be my favorite. I felt a strong connection to her and I always will. Mrs. Libby saw a lot of potential in me and encouraged me to be strong, independent, and confident. I’ll always have that with me. 

What are you most excited to do over the summer?

This summer I am most excited to hang with my friends at the beach. We love to play spikeball, volleyball, and surf.

Congratulations, Atia! We can't wait to see the wonderful things you accomplish next year!