Samantha Broadhurst is a native of Southern Delaware with over 300 years of family history in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. Sam's legacy in the area has given her a unique love and passion for her community. As a REALTOR® on the Carrie Lingo Team, she uses her exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm for Southern Delaware to give clients the best possible experience when buying or selling their homes. We recently conducted an interview with Sam to learn all about her favorite things to do in Coastal Delaware. Keep reading to hear her responses!

In your estimation, what are the best outdoor activities to enjoy in Coastal Delaware?

In my opinion, some of the best outdoor activities in our area include enjoying an afternoon bike ride along Gordon’s Pond or exploring the historical sites that make our area so special.

Where is your favorite local spot to visit on a hot summer day? On a cold winter day?

My favorite spot on a hot summer day is floating behind a boat in Rehoboth Bay. My favorite spot on a cold winter day would be in front of a warm fire listening to it crackle and sipping on hot cider. 

What makes Coastal Delaware different from the other beach areas along the Mid-Atlantic?

The pace of our lifestyle is what makes this area so unique. There is no need to rushwe are already living the life!

Given your experience in the field, what are the top factors which attract buyers to our area?

I believe buyers are attracted to our area because Southern Delaware is simply beautiful. From the ocean to the bay and even to the corn fields in the fall, it is just a gorgeous place to live.

Sam would be thrilled to discuss all Coastal Delaware's fantastic amenities with you. Contact her today at 302-519-8088 (cell) or!