We are thrilled to highlight Copy Writer and Content Marketing Specialist Ian Lawrence as our July 2021 Featured Team Member! In this interview, we get to know Ian and learn all about his experiences on the Carrie Lingo Team! Keep reading to learn more about Ian!

How long have you been with the Carrie Lingo Team? What has been your most memorable experience on the team so far?

I have been on the team since August 2019. My most memorable experience occurred during my first week on the team, when Carrie purchased bright yellow bikes for us all. Our group rode around Lewes before enjoying a delicious dinner at Rääs!

What do you love most about working on the Carrie Lingo Team?

This is probably a common answer, but the team really does feel like family. We all enjoy one another’s company both in and out of the office and strive to build camaraderie daily. I believe that our clients can sense this solidarity in our upbeat attitudes and friendly competitive energy.

What do you love most about working in the real estate industry in general?

Real estate, especially in Coastal Delaware, is an extremely dynamic industry that offers new and exciting challenges every minute. Entering the office in the morning, I never know what novel things I will encounter or what interesting people I will meet. Although much of my work is done behind the scenes, my career is still so much more than a “desk” job. Even my most detailed plans change frequently, and I love adapting to the unexpected.

What did you do before working in real estate, and how did this experience prepare you for your current career?

After graduate school, I spent years working all around the country in the non-profit world. These experiences living and working in a variety of environments helped me cultivate a love of diversity, culture, and personal growth through lived experience. 

What do you consider the best thing about Southern Delaware? What would you tell someone who is considering moving here?

Southern Delaware is a vacation and second-home hub for many metro areas along the East Coast, including Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. Consequently, our resort towns thrive at the intersection of cultural innovation and rich local history. Moreover, the natural beauty here is incredible. Southern Delaware boasts coastal elegance but also verdant woodlands, and its rich landscape remains enjoyable during four very distinct seasons. I would encourage anyone who values these qualities to consider moving to our wonderful area.

Tell us a random fun fact about yourself.

During graduate school, my plan was to earn a PhD in Systematic Theology and nurture a life in academia. I am glad, however, that I decided not to pursue this track, as I have learned that I thrive better in fast-paced, dynamic environments which require regularly throwing myself outside my comfort zone. I do, however, enjoy conducting independent theological research in my spare time and maintain a reading knowledge of a few academic languages.

What is the most interesting place you have visited, and why?

Bear Butte in South Dakota is the most sacred site for several Northern Plains tribes, including Montana’s Northern Cheyenne tribe with whom I lived for a year immediately following graduate school. Due to its uniquely prophetic role in Cheyenne mythology, Bear Butte is a common location for tribe members to conduct vision quests and spiritual retreats. These mentally challenging and physically arduous undertakings often involve multi-day fasts from both food and water at the top of the mountain beneath the scorching sun. Although I did not go on an individual vision quest, during my many group visits to the site I was consistently overwhelmed by the mystically tangible energy and spiritual cogency of the place.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go, and why?

I would travel back to Jerusalem during the High Middle Ages and mingle among the earliest Knights Templar who lived and most likely conducted esoteric research in the ruins of the ancient Temple Mount. I believe that this unique monastic order’s mission was much more profound than what is commonly professed by mainstream historians and would love to glean an understanding about what sorts of timeless truths the Templars rediscovered in the Holy Land.

What is your favorite food, and why?

I prefer a medium-rare filet mignon served with peppercorn sauce and a glass of Pinot noir. To me, the traditional elegance of this meal is difficult to top.

Thank you for the fantastic work you do with our team, Ian! We couldn't accomplish all we do without your diligent help!